After achieving a Bachelor of Science in IT and Business, Jolin Koh went on to work in various multinational corporations that have all equipped her with the business acumen required to execute an articulate service through Divine Palate.

Her interest in delicious finery began early. Having a staunch knowledge in fine food and fine wine since the tender age of 20, it is easy to understand why Jolin has an unquenchable thirst for her passion. That drive later lead her into diverse adventures; from copious epicurean experiences sharing good food in the company of well-respected individuals to her inspirational journeys halfway around the world in search of creative artisans and one-of-a-kind dining accompaniments.

An extensive background in sales and marketing has also made Jolin particularly adept at meeting client’s expectations in the most strategic manner. From managing logistics to hosting guests on behalf of clients as well as making fine wine arrangements to be served on special occasions, Jolin truly believes in creating lasting impressions and striking an emotional chord through her zeal for hospitality and her deep-rooted understanding of the company’s service philosophy.

In her leisure time, Jolin expands her fine dining knowledge further into areas such as fine wine appreciation and travelling abroad to experience fine culinary produce–highly beneficial in strengthening the team’s dynamics. The avid marathoner also prides in having self-discipline and cites that life without change is not a life. Hence, she is constantly seeking for greater challenges and takes every waking day as a chance to grow and learn.